Am I Getting Good Advice?

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Am I Getting Good Advice?

Am I Getting Good Advice?
Posted: Jan 4, 2016
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With a seemingly endless number of ways for your hard-earned money to slip from your grasp, it's understandable to be concerned about making good investments with that money.

Many of our patients ask if relining their full lower denture will make a big difference to the fit. The short answer to that is no, and so depending on their expectations it may not seem worthwhile to spend the money on it. The improvement in the fit is noticeable but the greater benefit of properly maintaining a complete lower denture comes years later; similar to when I change the oil in my car regularly yet don't detect an improvement in the performance. It's years later that I will thank myself for keeping up with basic maintenance.

In the case of a partial denture, depending on the age, a loose fit may be improved by a simple tightening of the clasps. Similarly, with implant dentures a reline is often thought to be necessary when all that's actually needed is a quick, inexpensive change of the retentive caps in the denture to get a better hold onto their implants.

We pride ourselves in giving our patients honest, ethical advice on caring for their dentures to eliminate unnecessary costs since money, unfortunately, doesn't grow on trees.