Cleaning Dos & Don'ts

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Cleaning Dos & Don'ts

Cleaning Dos & Don'ts
Posted: Dec 3, 2017
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There are several products available for cleaning your dentures or oral appliances, from effervescent tablets and pastes found at your local pharmacy to professional strength cleaners found at a denturist office. With these items, if you follow the directions no harm should come to your appliance. When it comes to performance, there is no question that professional strength products are more effective at removing tough stains and tartar buildup which means less scrubbing is needed. The more you brush, the more likely you are to cause the inner layer or the teeth to wear down prematurely; and besides, who wants to stand there scrubbing their appliance until the cows come home anyway?

Where people can get into real trouble is if they experiment with general cleaning products. They may seem to be gentle &/or all natural but can end up causing damage to a denture or appliance costing them hundreds of dollars to repair it and in some cases replace it entirely if it's too far gone.

We've seen it happen several times but, if you stick with your denturist's recommendations they can keep you on the right track.