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Oral Health & Hygiene Tips

Having a Healthy Mouth is Important at Any Age!

If you wear full or partial dentures, it is especially important to take good care of your gums and any natural teeth and to keep your dentures clean and properly fitted.

Consequences of poor oral hygiene include:

  • Excessive plaque build up.
  • Bad breath.
  • Cavities.
  • Gum disease.
  • Tooth loss.

Gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory illness.

Caring for Your Dentures

Maintaining a beautiful smile is easy with a simple oral care routine and regular visits to Tram-Blair Denture Clinic.

Your daily oral care routine should include:

  • Rinsing and brushing your dentures and natural teeth after every meal.
  • Brushing natural teeth by placing toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the junction between the tooth and gum, moving away from the gums using gentle pressure.
  • Brushing the gums, tongue and roof of your mouth with a moistened, soft-bristle brush to stimulate circulation, tone gum tissue and clean your mouth of bacteria.
  • Using a brush to clean all surfaces of your dentures with warm water and a mild soap or denture toothpaste. 
  • Taking care to avoid dropping your dentures in the sink by filling the basin half full of water or placing a towel in the sink.
  • Making sure to give your mouth and denture a thorough rinse if brushing is not possible after a meal.
  • Flossing between your natural teeth.

It is important to remove and soak your dentures daily in a denture cleaning solution or tablet for several hours or overnight. Aside from keeping dentures clean, it gives the supporting tissues in your mouth time to rest. Before putting your dentures back in your mouth be sure to rinse them off and to brush your natural teeth.

Cleaning Aids

There are a variety of cleaners and appliances available to help make maintaining your dentures and oral health easier and more effective.

Here are some general tips:

  • Use a toothpaste containing fluoride to protect natural teeth against cavities.
  • Use a professional strength denture cleaner to remove tough stains.
  • Use a clasp brush to remove plaque from the inside surfaces of denture clasps.
  • Do not use cleaners that can scratch and prematurely wear the surface of the denture.
  • Never use bleach! It can weaken the denture and discolour the acrylic.

Regular visits to your oral health professional are important in maintaining your oral health and to ensure your dentures continue to fit and function properly.

For more information regarding your oral health or to book a check-up, contact Tram-Blair Denture Clinic today.

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