Choosing a Denturist | Tram-Blair Denture Clinic | Kitchener Waterloo

Why Choose a Denturist?

Health Care Professionals You Can Trust

There’s a very good reason why so many denture wearers trust and recommend their Denturist: they appreciate the personal and expert attention that a Denturist provides.

From initial consultation to laboratory and clinical creation of a denture, Denturists work directly with their patients at every stage of the denture process, creating comfortable smiles and building relationships that patients trust.

Denturists: The Best of Both Worlds

Unlike other oral health care practitioners, Denturists are trained in all aspects of denture fitting and fabrication, from taking impressions to personally creating dentures in their clinics. In this way, patients can enjoy personalized and cost-effective service.

Denturists provide a professional relationship that starts with a handshake and culminates in a beautiful smile.

Do I Need A Denturist?

If you have missing, broken or loose teeth, or existing dentures that are over five years old, take a few minutes to sit down with Tram-Blair Denture Clinic for a consultation. 

Many options are available, and Tram-Blair will find the solution that’s right for you.

As denture specialists, we are professionals in replicating your natural teeth and can be consulted without a referral. Annual checkups with Tram-Blair are recommended to ensure optimal oral health.

Services Provided By Tram-Blair Denture & Snoring Clinic

  • oral examinations and consultation.
  • full dentures.
  • immediate dentures (a denture made prior to tooth extraction and placed immediately after teeth are pulled).
  • partial dentures (to replace one or more, but not all your teeth).
  • implant-retained and supported dentures.
  • repair of broken dentures.
  • relining and rebasing of loose dentures.
  • cleaning and polishing of dentures.
  • placement of name in dentures.
  • soft liners.

Tram-Blair offer additional services, including appliances for problem snoring and high quality sports mouth guards.

Contact our office today to learn more about Tram-Blair Denture & Snoring Clinic.